Nana Biakova is ukrainian multimedia artist, performer, graphic designer and researcher.
Born in Mykolayiv city, Ukraine and raised in Kyiv. Currently based in Japan. 
Nana studied design at the Univercity of Shipbuiling in Mykolayiv, media art and Graphic Design at the School of Visual Communication in Kyiv and performance art in Poland School of Performance in Lviv.
She is practising Ankoku Butoh taking workshops from various teachers in Japan and researching Butoh history in the archives. 
Co-founder of ZA experimental Butoh Dancing Group in Kyiv, which was actively performing in 2016-2019.
Working history:
2014-2017 - Educational organization "Cultural Project" - main Graphic Designer; 
During her work in "CP" Nana creates lots of printing production, posters and digital visuals, redesignthe whole identity of the project. The project is effectively using style and materials created by Nana until nowadays.
2017-2020 - Nimses ; multimedia designer, art-director
In this fast-growing startup project Nana created lots of concepts and implemented them with creative team; worked as multimedia designer, created all visual communication on Social Media curating a small team, worked with artists, designers, programmers and scientists.
2020-2021 - Hromadske Media, art director for special projects.

Exhibitions, performances

Solo exhibition “Outside inside of me” , gallery of contemporary art Gallery 45, Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Solo exhibition “Spinning”, gallery of actual art “Gallery 45” Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

“If I Open My Mouth”, solo performance, National Museum in Lviv.

“Survival kit for another reality”, group media art exhibition, Budapest;

“Studio visit”, group exhibition curated by Elizaveta German and Maria Lanko. Project work:

Solo performance “Distortion Map”, Lviv National Museum, Lviv;

Group performance as part of an international Butoh-opera “Medea” curated by Valentin Czin and Flavia Gisalberti with the participation of world-famous avant-garde musicians, “Uho Agency”, Kyiv;

Group performance, “GogolFest” art-residence, Kyiv;

Butoh group performance, “Museum of Contemporary Art”, Odessa;

Series of group Butoh performances “Bosch. Parts of his body”, curated by Valentine Czin, Alte Munze, Berlin

“Eclipse” series of performances in Postplay Theater, Za Butoh dancing Group, Kyiv

“Stonewalk” performance IZOLYATSIA,  Kyiv

Series of Performances in Urban environment «URBAN LAB», Za Butoh Dancing group»

«POZA» performance, International performance art festival «Carbonarium» Za Butoh dancing group, Kyiv,


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