Digital collage, print on fabric.
From collage series "Unknown memory".
My immigration to Japan during the pandemic in February 2020 led to the creation of this work.
It contains photos of plants and insects which I took during the first year of living in Japan as an immigrant, in order to memorize and explore them. "Collecting" artifacts is an important part of my adaptation in the new environment.
The elements of photos are digitally cut and combined in a new pattern, where each object reflects a new fragment of memory, and their documentation is part of the real process of research, adaptation  and transformation.
The work includes elements of plants and insects of four seasons and different stages of their lives.

Somehow the fact that something is temporary helps to remember it better.  This is one of the reasons why plants and insects have become the main element of the work; through their existence it is possible to explore the passage of time and the circulating process of life.

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